Our story

To - from east

Tozaime - calligraphy signs from Asia

Education & feminism

In ancient times, the Geisha education started with 6 years, 6 months and 6 days and took years over years to complete. Geishas were required to be sophisticated musicians, eloquent conversation partners, masters of the tea ceremony and - last but not least - of unearthly beauty. These Ladies were the first feminists in Asia, pursuing a very own career, earning own money and freeing themselves from a man or respectively husband- dependent and  -determined life.

Skin care routine

Geishas - no matter which age- preserved a flawless, glowing complexion, a Japanese beauty standard referred to as "Mochi-hada" (Rice-cake-skin). Given their constantly applied iconic Make-Up, effective skincare recipes were and are still one of the most precious treasures Geishas passed on from generation to generation over centuries. 

Tozaime - Geisha with classic hair design, make-up and Kimono

Heritage & future

There are just very few written documentations of this secret skincare gems and one of the most extensive collection can be found in three scrolls from the Edo-period dating back to 1800. Never translated into a western language, recipes as the "white gem remedy for incomparable beauty" traced back to "the most beautiful woman of Asia at whose sight the fish forgot to swim and sank to the ground", are the base for Tozaimes' re-invention of geisha beauty.

Zai - to west

Tozaime - phytoscience test tubes and plants

Scientific background

"Plant (or Phyto) science explores how plants grow, develop, reproduce, evolve, fight off pests and diseases, and interact with and respond to their environment."

(University of Nottingham). 

Based on resulting research findings, Phyto Scientists leverage plant and nature phenomenons to develop outstanding new and sustainable products as fiber, medicine - and skincare. 

How does it work?

How can the narcissus so significantly slow down its cell division while hibernating in winter? And can this mechanism also delay skin aging? That happens, if we apply the same trick a small desert flower uses to defend herself from harsh winds, climate and direct sun to our skin? Will he same active also protect our skin against environmental pollution The combination of nature and science creates powerful, clinically proven actives which often could not be created synthetically. Tozaime uses the most innovative and effective Phytoscience results - for the skin you deserve.

Tozaime - phytoscience set of test tubes with plants and microscope