Warum flippt meine Haut plötzlich aus?


So far everything has been fine. Sure, a little pimple here and there. Sure, I also see a few wrinkles when I get up in the morning. But what is suddenly going on with my skin? Redness, pimples or some kind of rash? Where does that suddenly come from?If your skin reacts, it can have different reasons. Let's take a look at the five most common ones:


First: Your (new) products attack your skin

Many skincare products are too strong and attack the skin. Cleansers in particular oftenstrip off too much of the skin's natural sebum. This leads to redness andirritation. Foam-based cleanser or milk is usually gentler to the skin andcleanses just as well as stronger alternatives. The same applies to skincare:Often substances are contained that simply do the skin no good - parabens, forexample. Or silicone - which makes the skin feel wonderfully soft and wellcared for - but in fact the skin can no longer breathe at all.


Second: Stress!

Are youstressed? Excited? Is something big on the horizon? Many people react(unfortunately) with rashes and pimples - mostly at a time when you canactually use it the least. Stress triggers chemical reactions in the body - forexample the production of cortisol. Cortisol increases the oil production ofthe cells - a perfect breeding ground for pimples

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